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Author:  Loreweaver [ Nov 16th, '07, 12:47 ]
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Getting your own private forum
To create a new faction, start a new topic in this forum, using your guild name or description as the topic title. In the first post, provide an overview of what your group is about, and what kind of people might apply.
You need to approve four other applications before your guild is activated.

Joining a private forum
To join, post your intention to be a part of the group in that faction's topic. Your request has to be approved by either the creator of that topic or a different member of the faction.

Leaving a faction
When you don't need membership of a group any longer, post your intention to depart in the guild's topic in this forum. Alternatively, other members can request your departure there. Unless they are the creator of the topic, the request has to be confirmed by a second group member.

Dead factions
When a faction's active membership count drops below 3, or the private forum is inactive for a number of months, it may be deleted and have its topic here locked.

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