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PostPosted: Feb 14th, '08, 00:36 
Twilight Council
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The Lotus Fist consists of several different parts.

Blue Lotus: Unarmed Combat and self defense, anatomy and you.
Red Lotus: Teasing and sex-related knowledge, anatomy and pleasure.
White Lotus: Health care, cures and antidotes, anatomy and healing.
Silver Lotus: Weapon knowledge Obligatory Kama+Shuriken, pick one additional.
Black Lotus: Assassination, forbidden Red Lotus tech, poisons, anatomy and pain.
Blooming Death: Forbidden techniques that the Ladies used to apply, only taught before grand master exams and only to carry on with the tradition.

Candidate to Disciple:
(OOC: All of this done in good rp and nobody's required to know from the top of their heads, feel free to use your journal.)

Blue Lotus:
Of course the backbone of the whole style, the unarmed combat and related topics make a novice's most significant training.

- Stances: Horse-Riding to Uphill stance turning , basic battle stance, backweight stance, moving freely and keeping a good balance, correction of posture.
- Kicks: Standard kicks, basic ballbreaking knowledge.
- Arms and hands: correct fist and palm positions, basic fist and palm punches, blocks.
- Physical excercise: Sit-ups,Crouches,Push-ups and Back-bends, running,swimming
- Anatomy and you: Warm up before each training!, Manage your joints! Basic combat anatomy, the opponent and you.

Red Lotus:
Lotus Flower members use their bodies and clothing to their advantage, in order to distract a male opponent or to prevent them from causing trouble. The order also traditionally trains every member to be a professional courtesan but the order does not demand practice. All knowledge taught in that field can be used in a one-on-one relationship successfully.

- Learn basic pleasure anatomy and first grade body massage.
- Learn basic sex theory and culture.
- Learn to tell a skirt-sensitive guy from a non- ~.
- The purpose of flashing: self-confidence, bravery, distraction, concentration.
- Learn the difference between flash, tease and excite.
- Luring and what it means.
- Learn about the eight lifting points. (eg. front, back etc)
- Learn how to manage your clothing when you tease. (eg. Pinch, flip, lift)
- Learn how to apply a finishing move. (estimating what to use, when to use it)
- The point-system.
- Use your knowledge to gain points.

Disciple to Adept

Blue Lotus:
- Lotus kicks: Lotus variant of all known kicks - blue and red lotus combined.
- Leg Blocking: How to flash somebody while you raise your knee high to block a hit
- Use your elbows and knees: face smacking and nut cracking on an all new level
- Balance and you: how to dodge properly
- Nutkicks on a masterful level: all you need to know about how to kick a guy over.
- Teach your fellow Lotus sisters.
- Using help in training and a real situation.

Red Lotus:
- Advanced sex-anatomy, all you did not know or did not care to ask.
- Advanced sex-culture - other cultures and what they make of it.
- Burst Flashing and what it is for.
- Two-girl flashing, three-girl flashing, and larger groups (sync flashing, chaotic flashing and rythm flashing, group forms)
- Ironsilk Thong: Weapon or protection?
- Teach your fellow Lotus sisters
- Using another girl's help in teasing

Silver Lotus:
- Kamas, what they do and what they do not do.
- Shurikens and aiming your throws.
- Pick a weapon. (Sai, Katana, Nodachi, Tonfa, Polearm, Nunchaku, etc)
- Alternative uses of your weapons

White Lotus:
- Health care: Healthy resting, meditation, healthy diet and what you shouldn't eat even if it seems right, taking care of yourself.
- Cures and antidotes: it's all in nature! , Recognizing the symptoms.
- Medical anatomy and healing methodology.

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PostPosted: Feb 21st, '08, 14:09 
Twilight Council
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Classes and Disciplines:
Adepts don't mean they don't know the rest of the disciplines, but they are specialized in one area or the other.

Blue Lotus Adept: Pure monks, and multiclasses with warrior classes that use unarmed combat. Typically monk-fighter, monk-weaponmaster, monk-shadowdancers and pure monks. (Such as Ally)

Red Lotus Adept: Rare case when a Lotus Disciple only specializes in this. Usually Lotus Sorcerors with high Charisma (Such as Sylvie)

White Lotus Adept: Lotus Clerics. Monk-cleric. (Lindy, Anni)

Black Lotus and Blooming Death adepts: Any Lotus Girl with an evil disposition or stealth mastery, typically Monk-assassins, monk-rogues. (Mianiel)

"There is no Sparta.

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