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PostPosted: Feb 20th, '08, 12:31 
Twilight Council
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((FAIRLY ADULT RELATED not like the whole thing isn't.))

Red Lotus:
Lotus Flower members use their bodies and clothing to their advantage, in order to distract a male opponent or to prevent them from causing trouble. The order also traditionally trains every member to be a professional courtesan but the order does not demand practice. All knowledge taught in that field can be used in a one-on-one relationship successfully.

A red lotus adept is fun because they flash the most and rarely bother with actual relationships. Their main goal is to be the top-social-person and all-around negotiator as well as they are girls that are more than in touch with their sexuality and quirks. They care a lot about their appearances, they have "fave skirtie" (usually shorter than Anni's if that's even possible) they're giggly and easily underestimated so fearsomely lethal. In the old days a red lotus adept was the girl that went out to visit clients and do the business. Their forte is not really just making a guy feel the heat but make the guy believe he's so sexy that he makes such a girl cheer, practically worship him.

Unlike a black lotus adept they rarely murder the target but leave permanent marks on their psyche, giggling them in the face while dealing permanent damage to their manhood and scarring them for life with an innocent girl's words, a professional whore's repertoire and a trained warrior's expertise, humiliating them by dodging their every move and landing punctual groin kicks while kindly asking them to try a bit harder, keep their legs closer or that next one will hurt and oops, you almost hit me there, giggle, sorry about your balls dear.

((This part is taught IC))
- Learn basic pleasure anatomy and first grade body massage.
Use diagrams 1a and 1b.
- Learn basic sex theory and culture.
Mating of all manners of creatures.
Sexuality in all major cultures.

1. Learn to tell a skirt-sensitive guy from a non- ~.
a.) Spy the eye
Look where they look. When a boy's attention is affected by the length of your skirt, you may soon assume that he's sensitive to flashing. If that's the case, he's probably staring at your mini and can't keep his eyes away. A well-masked flash of the front such as "accidentally" showing off some of your panties will give you a certain answer to that.
b.) Spy the bird
So they may seem as they stand under stairs and bridges and other elevations to see under miniskirts. Their interest is undoubted but you should certainly make sure by watching his reaction to the fact that you are wearing a thong. A thong is hard to spot from under a bridge or stairs so your hand will have to scratch right next to the triangle over your behind in the back. If that flash doesn't get you at least +1 score, he's probably indeed spying birds and not skirts.

2. The purpose of flashing:
- Self-confidence, bravery, distraction, concentration.
If you dare to lift your own skirt, kick high while wearing one, can remember all the tricks and can apply it well to distract your male opponents in combat, you're most likely already rather confident in the rest of your abilities as well.
- Revenge for the mistreatment and belittling.

3. Learn the difference between flash, tease and excite.
Flash: Happens when the wind blows, happens when you sit with your legs uncrossed, happens when you scratch too near your panties. It's a passive attribute of any Lotus.
Tease: Flash directed at somebody with the purpose to make score but with care to remain otherwise unnoticed.
Excite: Tease aimed at a target with the purpose of making score or disabling him.
Luring: Tease moves to lead the target to a place where you no longer need to conceal

3. Learn about the eight lifting points.
Front, Front left, Front right, Left, Right, Back (Left+right)
See image. 2
Your main lifting points are: Panties Front, Panties back (Thong triangle) and Chest.

3. Learn how to manage your clothing when you tease.
a. Pinch
Taking the mini between two fingers is a cute and elegant way of lifting it. Gives an element of playful softness and sweetness. It can be used with one hand in the middle or two hands by he sides.
a/2 Swing
Pinch the skirt and move it left and right.
b. Bend
Many girls prefer to use this one in their novice attacks but in the end this one is nothing but a good way to Lure. Do not overuse it or it gets old.
c. Lift
Mostly used for finishing moves, a less gentle way of revealing your panties holding your skirt up with all of your hand, sudden lifts can mean the end of combat, or the end of your excite-instance.
d. Flip
Giving your skirt just a swing of your hand can yield in the thing flying up and then settling back in place. A flash like this can be an excellent intermezzo or Lure.
e. Flap
Several lifts to cause trouble. Any over-usage of flap gets dull and repetitive.
f. Twirl
Same as a Flip but more effective, twirls help your skirt go high and all of the lace fabric to show. Perfect for mid-excite turns and sudden burst-flashing (See later.)

4. Learn how to apply a finishing move.
This can be a single move or a combination, when the boy's already on the verge of giving a nice big score you'll want to put him out of his misery by giving him such sights he'll not soon forget.
a. Single finishing move.
A nice two-handed lift of skirt or sudden full chest reveal can finish off the most stubborn victims, depending on what they prefer.
b. Combo
A twirl combined with a lift of both shirt and skirt in the front will finish any job usually. Or kicking high when you just revealed your chest, wirling around and reminding him that your panties happen to be thong.

5.The point-system.
Of course gaining score is the whole point of flashing other than the satisfaction that the guy's hand was forced while in the open...

Pocket poking - 1 point
Grabs his pants - 2 points
Rubs pants - 3 points
Yanks pants - 4 points

Wet spot - 5 points, +1 each additional wet spot
Reaches down his pants - 6 points
Pants out of the way - 8 points
Final burst without pants - 12 points, +4 each additional

Disciple to Adept

Blue Lotus:
- Lotus kicks: Lotus variant of all known kicks - blue and red lotus combined.
- Leg Blocking: How to flash somebody while you raise your knee high to block a hit

Red Lotus:
- Advanced sex-anatomy, all you did not know or did not care to ask.
- Advanced sex-culture - other cultures and what they make of it.
- Burst Flashing and what it is for.
- Two-girl flashing, three-girl flashing, and larger groups (sync flashing, chaotic flashing and rythm flashing, group forms)
- Ironsilk Thong: Weapon or protection?
- Teach your fellow Lotus sisters
- Using another girl's help in teasing

"There is no Sparta.

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PostPosted: Feb 23rd, '08, 16:33 
Twilight Council
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Lotus Attacks and charisma checks

- You use your attack rolls to determine howmany flashes can you make a round.
(Flurry of blows means one more and haste also gives an extra.)
- You roll charisma for each flash.

- The opponent rolls will each time until his will is destroyed.
- It's up to the target if they need to touch themselves before their will is destroyed but as a rule of thumb below half will they usually poke their pockets already. When the will is destroyed they no longer have any kind of resistance to the flash itself meaning they no longer have the thought of hiding the hand.
- If the fortitude runs out too, the guy will cum.
- Too many successful attacks a round can half the will/fortitude and

A lotus girl 10th level or lower takes 1 point of will or fortitude on each successful flash.
A lotus girl of 20th level or lower takes 2 points of will or fortitude.
At the 40th level you take 5 points of will.

- At the 11th level you can choose a "finishing move" which, if applied on a roll of 20, will take double the amount of points it would.
"Anni has wonderful breasts so a roll of 20 on charisma on a titflash will take 10 points of will or fortitude damage"

- At the 40th level all your attacks deal double damage on a roll of 20, 18 19 and 20 for a red lotus specialist.

- You can't score on a guy instantly meaning you might have done five flashes of thong with thong being your finishing move and all of them a 20 dealing 50 damage on a poor level1 guy but he won't cum himself just lose all of his will instantly.

- Also loses his will instantly, or fort instantly, if he rolls a one on any of the attacks a round.
- Rolling a 20 on will means he gains one point of will per ten levels (5 at level 40) or can decide to release himself if he was already doing his handyworks.
- Rolling a 20 on fort also gives will back.

Flashing Types
One attack a round: standard flashing (Shows panties, lowers skirt, waits for reaction)
Doubled attacks: aggressive flashing (Front left, breasts quickly, lowers)
All attacks a round: burst flashing (skirt front left, front middle, front right, breasts, twirl, thong, thong again just to make sure, twirl and breasts for mercy)

"There is no Sparta.

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