Allyssa Redriner Glaurd'Har
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Author:  Archer14 [ Mar 23rd, '08, 05:47 ]
Post subject:  Allyssa Redriner Glaurd'Har

Physical description:
Before you stands a human girl that seems to be in the middle to late part of her teenage years. Her hair falls past her shoulders in well-kept bluish-black waves and frames a face, tanned by the sun with dark blue, almond shaped eyes and thick, black eyelashes. She stands around medium height for a human with ample curves accentuated by the outfits she usually wears. Gold and silver bracelettes usually adorn her wrists and her ears are never seen without earrings.

Ally strode through the monastary, her heels gently clicking against the stone floors as she made her way upstairs. She still had not heard any results from the trading situation in Nheraz'Kharr and was determined to find out this time. She absentmindedly stroked down her skirt as she rounded a corner, heading into a screened room filled with comfortable furniture and cushions.
She surveyed the area for a moment before spotting a brown haired girl, apparently hard at work on a stack of papers on a desk in a corner of the room.
""Heya, Lindy."
The girl looked up, rubbing her eyes with one hand tiredly before smiling.
"Hey, girl."
Ally cleared her throat. Might as well not beat around the bush.
"Any idea if Anni got those documents yet?"
Lindy looked confused for a moment, obviously still preoccupied with what she had just been working on.
"What documents?"
"The ones about the trading."
"Oh, those. I think Anni is still in negotiations with Pelgrin or something similar."
Ally sighed. She couldn't help but feel anxious about getting things done quickly.
"Thanks, Lindy. So what are you up to?"
"Accounts on the rennovations we just did." Lindy rubbed her eyes again.
"Right, you want a break?"
"No, I'm almost done so I think I'd better just finish them up."
Ally nodded, "Sure thing. Know where the girls are?"
"I think Roxy and the twins headed out for some drinks."
Ally grinned, "I won't keep you from your work. See you later, Lindy."
Ally watched as Lindy turned back to her papers, mumbling a few numbers under her breath as she added something up. She could only assume they were costs. She shook her head and then made her way out of the room. A drink or two couldn't hurt while she waited for Anni, after all.

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