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 Post subject: Sylvia Zyrustana
PostPosted: Mar 23rd, '08, 05:20 
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(The following is a "Copy and Paste" version of Sylvia and what she's all about).
Seeing as I am not on so much as I used to be right now, this section will be updated as often as it can. I am sorry for any inconvenience, but I shall be back soon enough! Thanks Glor for all the support! <3

Name: Sylvia Zyrustana
(Father's name Zyrustos feminized in certain elven variatives like in Russian)
Nicknames: Syl, Syl-ly, and Sylvie
Age Group: Hard to tell, she's a very young elf, but an early bloomer with fully adult features.
Height: 5'1" / 169 cm
Weight: Last person who asked that ended up with a very rude and painful kick. Slender build; Very light and dextrous with fully proportional, attractive feminine features, and exaggeratedly feminine walk with hauntingly perfect hourglass shape.
Hair: Perfect platinum blonde.
Eyes: Bright and cheerful huge ice blue blinkers.
She is very naive, sweet and cheerful, though apparently slow to learn and understand.
Face: Perfect beauty with an ever-cheerful smile, snow-white teeth.
Arms: Rigorously trained though not extremely scary, arcane symbols on each shoulder. (Abjuration, Sorcery)
Neck: Soft skin, a lotus flower tattoo at the right side of her neck in five colors.
Torso: Perfect medium B chest size, a tattoo of a rose over the left breast mostly visible on her cleavage in red and green colors, abdominal muscles slightly visibly toned but hard nevertheless.
Legs: Long, slender, perfect legs with outstandingly hard muscles when flexed. She is well known for her cruel, punctual, shattering kicks.
Clothing: Obviously a Lotus Disciple with her tiny skirts and intricate lace underwear visible whenever she makes a sudden motion, sits down, or kicks.
Allegiance: Haniel's monk (junior member), Lotus Flower (disciple, junior member), Ensiq Arkanos (Arcane Council of Tsauri Kinthar, juvenile sorceress, Abjuration).

The Adventures and Misadventures of Sylvia Zyrustana


In the late evening hours on this day, Syl found herself amidst "disgusting" lizards in one of her favorite places to practice her skill...The Camp. She practiced for hours on end, kicking and punching the foul creatures until she was satisfied and returned back to Solinar. Her load was so heavy, she desired deeply to unburden herself from all the gear she had picked up from the fallen lizards. She instead ran into another Syl. This "Syl" turned out to be a bright, green headed Druid which seemed to fancy her a little. The whole while she talked to him she learned of places that he stayed and what he did. After that, things became rather uneventful until Nathan came and talked a bit about what he'd been up to. It turns out that he had cut his hair some and got new armor. But it still seems to Sylvia that something else has changed about him, she just can't figure out what at the moment. When Nathan left, Sylvia decided it was time to take her leave so she could take her haul to the Myst Forest to sell in the tavern. She bid farewell to her new friend in hopes that she would see him again soon and that they could learn more of eachother. She still wonders what's up with Nathan and is determined to find out what's different with him and why. At last, Sylvia could not wait to tell Anni of how good she did today with the lizards and soon rushed back to the Monastary for bed.

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