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 Post subject: Delia's Lotus Journal
PostPosted: May 5th, '10, 00:15 
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Day 1 - Delia's Lotus Diary
Well, Mia asked me to write a journal of all the events and what i did for each guy, though it seems a little hard to myself how i can find someone willing to help me for the group work, maybe Jay?
*On the side is a note saying "Ask Jay for help*
Anyways i'm not overly sure if i should make this formal or in my own speaking voice so hopefully i'll be able to give a account of both. Anyways here goes nothing.

Formal Version :S
-Walking around Solinar for no particular reason except for pratice
-Target Looked up my skirt for half a moment and muttered something
-Noticed the Said target and went through a mental check list
-is he alone? Seems so
-Private? Not at the time
-Used Zalla's tactics taught earlier to draw target away from the public area into a nearby back alley
-Anyone nearby? Doesn't seem so, oddly quiet day for Solinar
-Target still intrested? well, his hand is in his pocket, so that's a check
-Turned to face target, seeing if he is a skirt or breasts guy, first seems to be obvious by how is looking at me
-How far along does he seem from earlier? He seems about a quarter of the way already, maybe i went a little bit over the top with leading him
-Smiled with a giggle as i did the causal hole in coin purse trick
N.B Hole in Coin purse trick is basically dropping a few coins and picking them up while bending from the waist, rather amusing trick to use
-Worked him up with the trick, giving a little wiggle
-Turned to face the target again letting out an opps as if by accident
-Target seems a bit worked up already debated to finish or not, chose to finish quickly and leave, i got tailoring to pick up
-Smiled sweetly and "accidently" had my skirt hem go up on the front right, showing my upper thigh and lotus thong
-Target seems to resist finishing off himself, though his eyes seem glazed over and he's got out his manhood
-Winked at the target before spinning around letting my skirt come up and show the front and back before stopping with my back to him and letting my skirt come back down
-Target almost drooled as he watched and i lifted the back of my skirt showing what the other's call the "Triangle?" *Check with Anni on this* area with the sweet giggle i apparantly do well and a wink
-Target collasped on the spot and ejaculated on the floor and himself
-Walked over and checked for any damage on his area, sustaining none i took a cloth out and covered up that area before leaving a lipstick kiss on his cheek

Informal Version! ^^
Okay, i was in Solinar walking along not really searching for too much in the way of men, until this one guy became so obvious in looking up skirts i had to show him the error of his ways so to speak, i think i was near the book corner so it was easy enough to make him follow me by walking up the stairs and causally talking to one of the students i recognised from the lower years, nice girl, offered to go have lunch with her sometime. Anyways, back to the journal, So i talked to Denice for a bit before turning to go back down the stairs, using a tactic of skipping along so my skirt only just fluttered. This seems to make the Man intrested enough to follow me, i almost wanted to hug him for doing it though i had to keep my mind on the task. So i wondered around Solinar for about five minutes, even did Zalla's trick of twirling around a lampost which was SO fun, before noticing a really quiet alley which had a L bend in it, so Perfect! Private, secluded, and not as dangerous a place to leave him.
So leading this rather intrested male who had his hand in his pocket, typical, around the corner i stopped for a moment and frowned saying how i was lost, turning around and noticing the Male with his hand down in his pocket. Seeing a chance i quickly looked around to see if there was any beggars, none, so this was the chance i hoped, putting my hands before me i picked a few coins out my pockets and dropped them behind me, letting out a sigh of frustration. So i turned around and bent down from my waist, that set him off big time, gave him a few seconds of looking while i picked up the coins, giving a causal wiggle before brushing down my skirt and looking over again at him, i don't know how that was so effective, oh no wait, the leading around Solinar was proberbly it, i need to not be as flirty. Back to subject! There i was looking over at him, his eyes glazing over which is the typical point of no return i think, got to check that, seeming to be unable to resist as he procedded to take out his manhood, which if anything was disappointing, maybe that's why he looks u- *some words are scribbled out here as it seems she had a small rant* So there he was, playing with himself. He didn't seen far gone enough to let it all come out in a final move (i remembered i had a top on order in the Tailors) so i procedded to causally flick the front of my skirt, letting him take a looksy at the top of my right thigh, that really set him off, was rather amusing to say the least him with a lack of control, i reckon i could get someone to end up worshiping me but that's not really the Lotus way so it'll still be one of my dreams.
So he was standing there pumping away at his manhood while i did my little display and though it was about time to stop his torture mentually, shifting my weight onto one foot i span on the spot letting my skirt come up in a gentle breeze showing off my lotus thong, wore a blue one that day thought it would look good with the Red Bra top i was wearing, before stopping with my back facing him and pulling up the back of my skirt giving him a decent look at my bum. I don't really know what noises he made after that cause I only heard myself giggling like a school girl but i saw him collapse on the ground and splatter his hand and some of the pavement with *several words are scribbled out as it seems she was debating the word to use* his Baby making juice. I'm not going to clean that up so i waited for him to be finished and took out a cloth I had and covered that region for him, leaning forwards and kissing his cheek to leave my lipstick stain, i love doing that. I stayed hidden for a moment in the alley and waited for him to wake up to make sure he was safe, then made my exit.
That was a good solo effort i think today, shame i couldn't manage to get another girl to help, really do need to ask Jay or maybe Zalla.

"I don't measure my life by the number of breaths I take, but by the number of times my breath is taken away." - Tony Yates

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PostPosted: May 6th, '10, 19:15 
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Day 2 - Delia's Lotus Diary

Today was amazing! I managed to get this one guy completely under my control, had him eating right out the palm of my hand and was so funny, even slipped in a few tricks that Zalla showed me which seemed to work a treat, though she seemed to not really show much emotion about it, but that's Zalla and she's fun no matter what mood. Anyways! i'm going to go give this the same try i did last time, a quick formal occurance of what i did then doing the informal one which seems like fun.

-Mia told me to have some fun in downtown Solinar
-So i walked over there had a look around, visited the Arena
-Hung around a bit and noticed a couple having a chat
-The male apparantly helped the elf with her homework which was sweet
-He apparantly has a collection of Anni pictures aswell
-Elf walked away and he made an attempt to look up her said skirt
-Saw a passing by fighter so decieded to hang back and let him pass
-followed him into the slums for some time
-engaged the target by asking him the direction to the local libary
-along the way i skipped along allowing my skirt to come up somewhat so he would only get glances under my skirt
-Went across the first mini bridge as he went in the water and had a look up my skirt, seemed that set him off about a third of the way
-"Accidently" Said the word Thong
-Slowed it a bit down until the next bridge and couldn't resist
-Run to the top and acted as if it was a race standing for a moment and then doing a twirl allowing my skirt to come up showing him everything
-Came to the entrance of the Libary and park and worried he wouldn't followed so pretened to be unable to push an easy door open, flashing from behind for a moment keeping him intrested
-Tripped up and managed to get horizontal in the air (I think) allowing him a good look then walked along
-Reached the top of the next set of stairs and stood there for some time
-Pretended to Examine the libary (Which is rather impressive if i'm honest)
-Causally lifted my skirt to scratch my behind giving him a full look, used this as a finishing move
-Heard him let out a grunt as he finished then a pat pat as he ran off embarassed which was funny to me
-Zalla appeared and i went off with her

Well today i was hanging out with Zalla and Mia in southern until Zalla had to go off and do something and Mia daydreamed a bit which was a bit boring for me so i hung around a bit, though all i remember is daydreaming about how it would be a lot funnier in the world if everything was backwards. Another story though for another time, the reason i have a diary. So, there I was sitting in the downtown of Solinar after i was told to have some fun by Mia, waiting for oppunity when this couple appear from nearby and stand by the bridge chatting idly, one mentioned something about the dance and i drifted back to the times when i used to be part of the university so i missed some of it, which suggests to me i got to become more disciplined in that way. Though while i was listening I overheard the male had a collection of Anni pictures which is curious to some extent, and his elven friend turned around and left, being the gender he is, he tried looking up her skirt.
Since i'm not one to really do stuff without reason I thought this would be reason enough to teach him a quick lesson about looking up girl's skirts without permission. So i let him walk around a bit and relax, mainly since there was a Fighter running around and i couldn't really do two guys at the same time i don't think i could've pulled it off at the moment, though it'll be fun to try in the future. So i waited for this fighter to leave because i needed to be in a private place then stalked the student as best i could, apparantly he didnt' see me at all cause i snuck in front of him and appeared around a corner pretending to not know where the libary was, which i thought was pretty clever at the time cause i knew i had to go over one bridge but it ended up being two and leaving me on top of some stairs, so lots of vantage points there.
So after asking the student about the direction to the libary he was kind enough to offer to guide me, so following him along i adopted Zalla's technique of skipping, mixing this with the size of my skirt seemed to work quite well, i wasn't really looking to see if my underwear was revealed but i think it was cause i kept hearing him gasp. Which was funny in itself, along the way we hit a mini bridge which went over a small stream through the city, whats impressive is that the student actually made an active choice of going through the water to have a look, so i made sure he got what he wanted, though it wasn't as pleasent as he expected it to be. Getting off the bridge i asked him what was taking so long and he tried to cover up the fact he was playing with himself, didn't really do a good job with it apparantly cause i noticed it right off. So as a little test i accidently said thong in my sentence as i was chatting to him and he seemed to pick up it except put it off into his own mind which was amazing to fool him so easily.
Skipping along again we reached a second bridge which he causally strolled in front of me a bit faster though i ran to the top of the bridge in front of him and claimed i won some unknown race between us to help confuse him a bit more, so while he was questioning himself somewhat still i gave a twirl letting my skirt come up fully to show off my white pair to him. Seemed like it was his lucky day cause he looked up at me a moment and grunt-gasped something though the fighter from earlier ran by again so i couldn't really contiune until he left, would've made it a lot harder when they haven't had equal amounts done. Skipping along with him again we arrived at the gates, at this point i was rather frightful i'd lose the students attention to i wandered to the gate and tried pushing it (Wasn't really pushing at all, those gates are easy) bending from my waist again to give him a good look at my thighs, and then really pushed, letting the gate go i managed to jump so i was horizontal to him, flashing him while i was in mid air without a flutter of my skirt. Though the landing did hurt somewhat but it was all part of it the plan, pushing myself up i walked through the park enjoying the smell of the flowers and such as i walked through, though that was more for me then part of how i was teasing the male.
After the park i reached the top of the stairs and stood there for a few moments knowing full well what the male student was doing, so i didn't mind too much as i studied the libary, which is actually a rather impressive building in itself. After a few moments though i got a bit bored of just standing there looking at it so i decieded to finish him off by "accidently" not noticing he was around lifting up my skirt to reveal my behind to him and giving it a stratch. I think that's what finished him off cause i heard another grunt then i heard some hurried footstops away. Also afterwards Zalla appeared and told me he ran off.
So overal i managed to work on my subtly which was something i lacked and managed to make it look like i was innocent throughout the entire thing.

"I don't measure my life by the number of breaths I take, but by the number of times my breath is taken away." - Tony Yates

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PostPosted: Jun 18th, '10, 23:15 
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Day 34 - Delia's Lotus Diary

Since the Formal one's a bit boring now, i'm just going to go for the informal cause i like speaking in my own way of things.
Anyways there i was, sitting quite comfortably in the Libary reading through my old journal and remembering all those times when i was feeling all hopeless and such and how I made it through blah blah blah
Yeah i know Journal i'm one of those, always look on the brightside people now and it's rather nice, but there i was sitting with a book in a typical way reading through it when i heard a rustle, now it's been several months i've been with the Lotus and well, i do sit in Lotus rather naturally now.
I heard this rustle from nearby, damn students following me up into the top part of the libary, I hardly get any peace up there anymore but since i was behind my quota of drainings might aswell give this one a try and well, he was annoying me vastly.
So I checked around to see if anyone was up in the top part, luckily there was no one was around except the one annoying student. So i dropped my book on the ground, as i got up, letting his mind wander a bit as i walked around it, knowing at this point that he was watching, so i gave him a nice look at my behind to get him unable to stop watching. Was rather funny having complete control over him, seeming as he rather annoyed me about the entire, interupting me reading my book i thought i might aswell make him suffer a bit by making him not have as much pleasure as letting it last as long.
So a quick speech about how he annoyed me, and a quote from Amy Followed by a tit flash had him collasped in no time, leaving my signature mark on his cheek i made sure he didn't too badly hurt himself and walked off settling in the garden outside quite happy to finish off my book and write this

"I don't measure my life by the number of breaths I take, but by the number of times my breath is taken away." - Tony Yates

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