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These are Kymlun's standards.

Role Play - Selfless act of playing a fictional or semi-fictional personality (character) with the rules of the setting and the game in mind.

Selfless act - Not demanding, expecting or assuming, being polite to all players and looking to adhere to the server's customs. Being thankful to the DM crew and creators for the free experience of Kymlun for doing something in their sparetime that other people get paid for.

Being polite - Your parents were supposed to teach you this.
Being thankful - In this context it means only one thing. Passive act of playing the server as intended: without creating drama, and through behaving maturely.

Behaving maturely
- No emo outbursts of the destructive offensive kind. If you feel down or depressed let people know so they can listen, or keep it to yourself if you wish. Don't cause trouble.
- No demanding expectations of any sort. If you expect nothing, everything is an extra.
- Assessing a situation using intelligence.

Server's customs - Anything commonly accepted by the community.
Community - Players who have been actively contributing to the server, lead by the dm team.

DM Team - Forum title Masters of Fate. Lead by the DM Leaders, greeted by automessage on game login.
DM Leaders - Forum title Twilight Council, lead by GLoRToR
GLoRToR - Cynical bastard.

Character - Controlled by the player, preferably not a facet of the player but a fictional entity built up by a past (background) present (personality) and future (prospect)
Background - Likely events making the character who it is today.
Personality - Influenced by what all a character has been through, influences how a character will behave in any given situation.
Prospect - Influenced by the personality, what all a character is likely to become.

Player - A person legally older than 18 preferably in the head as well who understands and accepts the rules of the setting and the game in mind.
Rules - http://www.kymlun.com
Setting - http://www.kymlun.com and Weave of Lore thread.
Legally older than 18 - We don't care if you are not but you were not supposed to be.
In the head - Childish people who whine and bitch will not have fun here.

"There is no Sparta.

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