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 Post subject: So you're a player, huh?
PostPosted: Jun 30th, '06, 10:26 
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Hey folks. Welcome to AL if you're new.
In this post, I will detail the community's relational aspects, and of what I personally percieve about DMing, to go about getting yourself some nice interactive roleplay.

The Community
There is a reason this post is in the Suggestions and Complaints forum. Let me make this brief and simple. Neverwinter Nights is obviously a social game in multiplayer. That means that people's personal emotions/feelings are in the mix. We're not machines.

With that being said, problems are going to arise, such as: (In alphabetical order)
Boredom - "I'm standing in the plains doing nothing, and I'm bored!"
Disrespect - "Yeah sure, -that- will work. :roll:"
Equity - "The dwarf was able to get Grummish Axe +4 and all I got was a dagger +2!"
Motivation - "I can't be bothered roleplaying. It always turns out poor anyway."
Pride - "The Black Knight ALWAYS Triumphs!" *Gets slain* "This sucks :("
Relationships - "I don't like this person because of so and so..."

These are some of the most common problems regarding people. Let me attempt to address each one. Some of these problems have been given solutions before by GLoRToR before, but let me mention them as well.
Boredom. If you're bored, move around a bit. Look for other people. Bump into others. 'Accidently' bumping into others isn't frowned upon, unless they are in some real foreign place like Solinar Plains - North - Cave - Storage - Secret Room 2. This relates to the DM section below.
Disrespect. Nobody likes to be disrespected. Using sarcasm is almost 100% not positive. Some say it is the lowest form of humour. Use common sense. Think about how others will feel when you say things that go against their ideas, regardless how stupid you think the comment was. Treat others with respect, and you will recieve it too.
Equity. Equity is very important in Neverwinter Nights because it involves power, the feeling of progression and advancement. If someone is getting more than you, then perhaps real factors are involved. Perhaps the dwarf took the centre role in the roleplay. Perhaps he was the one who was wise enough to retreat, and so he survived. Don't feel bad that you got less than the person next to you. It doesn't mean you weren't recognized for the effort you put in. Try again next time, and see if you can take the centre role.
Players in Ancestral Legacy are rewarded for contribution and time they put into the server. The rewards might take the form of items, DM status, personal areas, freedom of character, additional roleplay. You can achieve those rewards too. All you have to do is put in the effort. :)
Motivation. If you experience a lack of motivation, clearly communicate to yourself intrapersonally about why. Understand what exactly happened or what factors are involved that is holding you back. Be honest, and think of ways to improve upon it. If you genuinely don't have any motivation, either let me know, or do something else for awhile.
Pride. Pride is also important. It determines how you, as a player, will act, and therefore how your character will act. If you think your character is a hotshot, and makes a bad decision by engaging the enemy instead of remaining in the shadows, and you end up dead, then the pride influenced decision is responsible. The DM isn't out to humble your character, make it look like a fool, and other such things. If you make a point to be arrogant, things may happen. Bad decisions are made. It's okay, really. Any negative consequences can be made up. Be positive if you can.
Relationships - Someone has been an *** to you eh? Don't like em anymore? Sure okay, relationships break down, and to deny that they do isn't the best idea. But hey, it's your relationship, and if you want it back, you're going to have to apologize, or come out with your problem you've been having. Taking reasonable steps to reconnect is tough, with pride in the way, but as a player, and in real life, you gotta learn to forgive and move on. Griefing each other for hours on end only makes it worse, and makes each person on each side look like a <insert bad thing/>.

You can see for yourself that the community here at Ancestral Legacy is very open and accepting of people. If you ever have any problems listed above that can't be resolved by you personally, send me a tell in game (AcidZealot) or PM me here on the forum, and i'll help you figure out the problem/complaint. Please don't hassle others, including other DM staff about your issue. You'll find I'm very accepting and open as well. :wink:

AcidZealot's DM point list (in no particular order)
You're the player. You can expect me to:
1: Put effort in any and every aspect to quests possible.
2: Listen to quest suggestions, and create/help you create quests involving your character.
3: Have maturity.
4: A good attempt to minimize mistakes and plan for possible directions of roleplay.
5: To minimize the pause function.
6: Use the shout channel to communicate global events.
7: To involve as many players as possible.
8: Reward those who put the effort in accordingly.
9: Understand equity and motivational theory.
10: Be on the same level as the player, not greater.

You're the player. I can expect/like you to:
1: If you're standing around doing nothing, not speaking or interacting, DMing for you becomes much more difficult. You are far more receptive to get something involving your character if you wander the land.
2: To keep OOC communication to a minimum during quests.
3: Have maturity.
4: To not use shorthand, involving u, lol, k, thx, ppl, etc, etc.
5: Your best attempt to have proper sphellin & grandma (spelling and grammar). Roleplay is much more fun when you're not distracted by poor spelling.
6: Unimportant stuff can wait untill after the quest.
7: If you're not enjoying it, pull out. Don't drag it down.
8: Put effort into your roleplay also, providing a rich roleplay experience.
9: Not to argue with the DM, if at the chance, your suggestion has been turned down.
10: Treat others how you would be treated.

Most of the stuff is common sense. No doubt most DM staff have similiar points. Points subject to updating.

Cheers! (and tables)
Your friendly neighbourhood HRM DM.

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