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 Post subject: Lerodan Irethura
PostPosted: Mar 28th, '08, 06:39 
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Name: Lerodan Irethura
Age: 152
Race: Moon-elf
Sex: Male
Height: 5ft 10"
Weight: 130 lbs
Hair: Dark purplish-blue
Skin: Gray
Eyes: White
Parents: Zhephram (Father, 536 years old), Rebeccha (Mother, deceased)
Siblings: Ga'Elroth (Younger Brother, 99 years old)


Brought up in Elmensfaar with his brother, Lerodan had a fairly quiet childhood. His father owns a book store, and his mother was a druid, and she often helped the clerics of the town in tasks they would have otherwise found quite challenging.

At Lerodan's 53rd birthday, his younger brother Ga'Elroth was born. Unfortunately, Rebeccha, Lerodan's mother, did not survive.

Lerodan was forced to take on many responsibilities earlier than originally planned, and became a courier for his father, helping him keep the business going.

After many years, Lerodan returned home and resumed his schooling, taking care of his brother in his father's stead, their father too busy burying himself in work. Not out of neccessity anymore, but to deal with the grief.

Lerodan and Ga'Elroth found a father figure in one of the clerics of Elmensfaar. Father Matthias. He noticed the desire to learn more than just simple scribing in Lerodan's eyes and he was the first to teach him the wonders of wizardry and provided Ga'Elroth with the necessary things to learn to play the guitar.

In some ways, he took care of both children as though they were his own, though never spoke ill of their real father, understanding the man's pain.

That is how it has remained to this day, and while Lerodan and his brother have gone through much since leaving, they will never forget where they came from.

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