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 Post subject: Wong Fei Hung
PostPosted: Mar 5th, '05, 07:46 
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Name: Wong Fei Hung
Age: 18
Eyes: Brown, sad tired-looking eyes.
Hair: Completely bald, except for a brown-and-black ponytail.
Height: 1.80m
Weight: 80kg
Build: Tough-looking, well built muscles.


Shy: Doesn't know how to manage certain "situations" AT ALL.
Silent: Speaks only when talked to. Otherwise, uses gestures to express himself (nods, shakes head, shrugs; etc).
Obstinated: Tries to complete any task given to him with the best of his efforts.
Emotionally inconstant: Sometimes too happy, sometimes too sad.
Heavy conscience: Haunted by his past.


Birthdate: February 10th, Year of the Ox.
Has an urge for travelling.
He is his master's (Yin Ta Hung) favorite disciple and best friend.
Versed in 6 styles (Plum Flower Fist, Tiger,Serpent, Eagle Claw, Northern Shaolin and Drunken Boxing), but "shows" only 3 when asked (the 3 first ones. The other 3 were taught to him in total secret.)

Background History:

Rokugan, first year of the Clan Wars. A big ship leaves the coast, and its passengers crying as they see their home on fire, and an dark cloud above it. One wonderful,young and white-haired lady, holding a baby, remains in silence, hugged by her husband.... "We will return, when the peace returns, I promise, Wong..."
The travel took almost 6 months, until they arrived in some strange land, named Wa.
On the couple's way to their new home, a large group of bandits seizes them.
- Give us your money! - The Chief said.
- We don't have any, sir... leave us alone, please.. - the man says.
- You heard the man, bandit. Leave them alone or I shall teach you a few lessons - Said a young, bald man, of strong build and with arms folded - now.
*the bandits laugh for a short time, until the chief stops and says:
- And who are you, fool? *the chief said, with a taunting voice*
- Yin Ta Hung, from the Young Forest Temple, rufian. - the man says, with the most calm voice one could ever hear.
- Pfeh, another monk fool? *draws his pair of nan daos*
- This is your last chance to surrender, I will not give another.
- Bah! Damn you and your foolish compassion! *the bandit kills the couple, but when he tries to kill the baby, he falls on the floor, paralyzed, maybe dead, no one knows.*
When the other bandits see this scene, deband like crazy pigs attacked by a wolf. The monk approaches and takes the baby, crying loud, from his mother's dead arms.
The baby's father, almost dying, says:
- Please... take care of my son.. *coughs* His name is Wong.. *saying this last words, the man dies.*
- I will raise you to be a master, little one.

The monk adopted and took the baby to the monastery with him, taught him everything in secret, apart of the other boys from the monastery, but one of them, in special, envied his master's preference for Wong, that turned into his best disciple and friend, as the time passed. This one left the monastery, mumbling things like "who does he thinks he is? I will be better than him, he'll see!", and never has been seen again.

One night, Wong was walking around the Contemplation Room, when he saw a girl (- Wait... a girl? But I never seen her here before! is she a nun?).
Their looks crossed each other, and Wong blushed (as always), and the girl dropped the broomstick and left the room running, without a word.

He went to ask his master who was the girl.
-My daughter, she is. - Yin said.
- But I thought I was your only son! You never told me about her!
- Sorry... but I couldn't, Wong. She is your promised one.
Wong widens his eyes, shocked.
- My promised one? How is that?
- She always followed us, since you were a little kid, Wong, but I told her to keep some distance, where you couldn't see her, so she won't trouble your trainings.
- But master... how could I even like her if I never seen her?
- I understand you, my son. But I couldn't tell you about her... - The master looks down, ashamed. -
Wong takes a deep breath and says:
- That is it. I'm leaving the monastery, father. I can't take this responsibility! I thought you would leave the martial arts for me, not a woman I don't even know nor love!
At this part, the girl appears from the back of a pillar, look sadly at Wong's face and runs away, crying loud. Wong looks at his master's face and goes away, takes his backpack, and leaves his monastery. While he was leaving, the others of his brother saw this, and asked each other: "Where is he going?" and a lot of other questions. What he didn't see was his master and his "sister" crying, hugging each other.

He left town and took a ship, travelling to many places,written many thins, made many maps, helped lots of travellers, completed all these monk duties, until arriving in Kym Lun.

And it begins...

Tiger, tiger, burning bright
In the forest of the night,
What immortal hand or eye
Could Frame thy fearful symmetry?

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