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 Post subject: For new players!
PostPosted: Mar 17th, '08, 02:49 
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Leveling guide:
1.Talk to the NPC!
You start at the Academy. Talk to the Ghazakiin woman in the next room, she will send you to the right behind her.
2. Follow the lead!
Go up the stairs left of the shiny aquarium thingy, talk to the clerks after the round room with the statue to get your papers.
3. Follow the quest chain!
Make sure to visit the Cafeteria, the Dorm, and go to the Academic Quarters' Supply Room to get your Armor Helmet and amulet for Free.
4. Now that you are geared... Go back to Student Quarters, find Amos the Janitor. Next to him there is a door. Buff up if you can, it's time to kill some rats!
5. If you don't want to grind.
You should go as far as getting all four papers and your academy gear. There are wildcats outside the Academy and they can hurt if you're not geared up.


Class combinations that make no sense at all:

Barbarian + Monk: Entirely different lifestyles and ways of thinking for the two classes.
Barbarian + Paladin: Same as the above, also that the code of honor differs.
Barbarian + Wizard: Where tradition is strictly verbal there is no room for books.
Barbarian + Shadowdancer: A community so superstitious would never allow somebody that can disappear.
Barbarian + Arcane Archer: Archery is generally considered inferior in barbaric societies. Kymlun's barbaric elves look down on any weapon not strong and durable.
Barbarian + Assassin: Somebody that stalks in the shadows is considered a weakling by any barbarian settlement's standards. If you were raised as a barbarian you have no liking of such.

Bard + Druid: Makes absolutely no sense. The druidic ways of tranquility have no match among the loud and eccentric vagabonds.
Bard + Monk: Just no.
Bard + Paladin: Even though it would slightly fit the medieval german ideals, a gallant is not a paladin. For that build consider taking Champion of Janzel or plain Fighter levels.
Bard + Dwarven Defender: None of Basil's minions would ever make it to the Force.

- Any Faith Class (Monk, Paladin, Cleric, Champion, Druid) without a valid deity and/or used in a power-build for the intention of better combat capabilities.

- Cleric multiclassed with prestige classes.

- Paladin multiclassed with anything other than Cleric, Fighter, Champion, Weaponmaster, Dwarven defender.

- Less than 10 levels in RDD, Shifter, Pale Master
- Less than 5 levels of Assassin, Shadow Dancer, Arcane Archer, Blackguard


For the less ridiculous combinations under certain circumstances permission may be given by DM Leaders. (Archer14, Burningdeath, Glortor, Loreweaver, Wicked_Game)

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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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