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It started late day just before the setting of the sun Xander walked to the south plains of Solinar and climbed the highest hill he could find and summoned his ‘pet’. “Do you have what I need, or has your foolishness and greed once more clouded your since of survival” He sneered to the succubus.

“Do not threaten me with your words ~master~ I have no use for them, but I have indeed gathered that which you have asked for.” Her lips curl into a small smile as she reaches and grabs an appearing bag from mid air. “Tada” she exclaimed sarcastically.

“Do not give me lip scum or shall send you to a place you will -not- enjoy, now give me what I sought for! I have no time for this!” Xander having little patience left after the time already waited for his precious items, his voice angered and impatient”

“Fine but know that my warning was true, you will feel no more pain then what you will with these” she tosses the bag to him with a small amused smirk the bag lands at Xanders feet.

Xander leans over and he picks up the bag and instantly falls to his kneels letting out a rough yell of pain the negative energy of the stone shooting into his body and right to his bones the pain stings. Slowly the effect dulls his body numb for some time as he recovered he is slow to his feet drawing the stone form the bag and laying them in strategic positions for his ritual. “Do not finish what you have started I warn you!” Ynzara was quick to comment once he set the last stone in place.

Xander ignored her and started his casting and a pillar of fire shoots up into the sky in the shape of a star from above and a pillar form the side as all see form Solinar and almost anywhere in the land.

// wait for mortis reply (he did RP wiht me on this wiht a char he has Nela aswell a little both are welcome htis is jsut for general knowledge)

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