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An excerpt from one of the articles in Solinar's leading newspaper reads thus:

Money Appears on Slum Doorsteps, Guardsmen Baffled
Marianne Thorpe, Staff Writer

In the slums of Solinar, bags of gold began appearing on families' doorsteps last night. Each person reports a similar experience; they hear a knock at the door and when they go to answer it, all they find is the money. No one sees who has left it, and no one comes to claim it. A beggar, going only by the name "Old Barnaby," even reports that he found a bag in his arms when he awoke.
"I dunno who dunnit," he claimed. "But I'm not gunna ask about it."
It's true that he's not questioning it, but the guards certainly are. They wonder where the gold came from and some even ask if it wasn't related to the bank robbery that took place the other day. Others mostly assume it was a wealthy philanthropist who merely wanted to do something outside of a normal charity. One guardsman, who asked not to be named, said, "Most of these nobles get some strange ideas into their heads...you mark my words, it's probably a stunt to get more publicity or somesuch."
Although the origin of its whereabouts are unknown, it is true that the gold has done a lot of good in an area where Solinar needs it most. Gregory Baker and his family were able to fix their roof and pay off their rent with the money.
"Yeah, I was able to get all that fixed up. Dripped something awful before during the rain. My littlest always put a bucket under it but that didn't help with the cold, you know."
Although the money has indeed helped these people, it is apparent that more needs to be done. One couple admitted that while the gold would tide them over quite a while, they would soon find themselves in dire straights once again. Mrs. Williams, a self-proclaimed loving wife, describes their plight in these words: "My husband can't find work no more. Hurt his leg, he did...in a mining accident. I work as a servant in some of them more noble houses, but I can only do so much. He needs to get work if we're gunna live here."
While this gift to the poor is certainly heartfelt, it is only temporary. The poor will, inevitably, remain poor unless reforms are put into place. It is evident that Solinar is no exception when it comes to the trouble with poverty.
*a note on the bottom reads: After an investigation by the Solinar guard, it was found that the money was not related to the bank robbing, and so the recipients were allowed to keep it. It was found that a total of 37,000 pieces of gold was distributed*

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