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 Post subject: Darkness in the Sand
PostPosted: Sep 26th, '10, 03:23 
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The silver mask dangled from his fingertips as he looked out over the wide view balconies home to a large bath the size of a swimming pool. The sun was low in the sky and a dim orange light cast over the marble columns, exotic ferns and floor to ceiling draped silk tapestries.

He had a lot to digest from the day. The wrath of an employer, a possible conflict, the death of a most important Person and the future being dubious at best. He had plans put into motion, why would he not? but it was these uncertainties that he wasn't so sold on. They were running on such small amounts of information, perhaps Mortanis was correct, they were all pawns, yet what would make him different? He wasn't jangling from Drusilla's chain but neither was he working toward different ends than the woman, what with their connection... Only time would tell what the man whom he once looked up to would accomplish come the end of all of this.

Mark, supposedly captured, yet still at large, abusing his given powers from outside of the Gods control and angering the Clergy of the Cathedral. He wondered what had changed him and how he managed to elude the men the Clergy send for him on a daily basis, he knew Drusilla kept a watch over Matthew, was Mark under her protection? If he managed to capture Mark, as he was intending, he'd have to make sure he was unable to use such a power. The last thing he'd want would be to have that Woman think he doesn't go weak in the knees every time she crooks a finger. Only time would tell how this would end up.

The Third man in the East. With only an approximate age range and the possibility of Solinarian dual nationality he would be hard to track down before Drusilla came calling for his - or indeed, anyone elses - assistance in bringing her third Key to her. He knew next to nothing about Zheradan and didn't hold with the illusion that he would be able to in such a short time so why not leave it to others to discover? Time would tell, in this kind of situation it would be best to let be so.

What was he supposed to do regarding Matthew, that was what got him the most. He couldn't remember the exact wording but it was still an elusive act given from a dying mans lips. Was the man to die? If he were to find a way with Mark, should he spend his time focussing that upon Matthew? Was there another choice? He undid his sword belts whilst muttering angrily, "Only time will tell..."

He'd have to search the sands first, that was his choice. See who it is that kept sending him such enigmatic messages, figure out who the representetive for the Gods would be, find a princess and a dagger...

His trail of thought wandered as the woman entered, naked the day she was born except for her golden jewelry and a silken scarf. She at first tested the water before tempting him to join her before the sun set and he found no reason at all not to enjoy such a fine gift at no time like the present.

"Tell me, do you know any stories of Princesses?" He asks, a grin touching his lips before he samples the fruit of the Maharaja's Harem.

Leocanta Ravelle - The Hero of Time


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