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 Post subject: The Fluttering of wings.
PostPosted: Jul 31st, '06, 01:22 
"Wake up boy!"
A voice cries from another room.
The darkness around you fades and you open your eyes slowly, they feel glued together. You look around the small room from your bed. A chest of draws sits at the end of your bed, with a small round table to your right, and a large window in the wall to your left.
You peer out the window, the light climbs the sky, slowly it goes...

A cry erupts from beyond your bedroom door "Boy!, are you up yet or am i going to have to get that bucket of ice cold water again"
This forces you to rally enough strengtht o leave your bed, you groan as your body attempts to pull you back to the bed, you resist. You walk round the bed to the chest of the draws, opening the top draw is todays clothes, all neatly piled in two piles, you hastily pull them out and throw them all on the bed into a terribly messy pile. You walk back round to the bed and get dressed as quick as you can, he will enter soon, and you will be ready.

The door opens. A small bald human male with a short beard strolls into the room, a frown clearly visible on his face and a bucket held in his hands, as his gaze meets the bed a look of suprise appears as he see's a short human male sitting on it, wearing worn brown clothes and short blonde hair.

"So your up" Says the man.
"Ofcourse Dad" You say.

Sometime later.
Your stomach feels like its going to explode inside your chest, you sit next to a large table in a small room, the kitchen. A woman with well kept black hair and brown clothes sits opposite you, a smile on her face.

"Well, isnt it time you would be off?" she says.
A frown appears on your face as you think "ofcourse, ive got to head to the forst today, usual jobs..."
You stand up, walk round the table and kiss the woman on the cheek "See you later mum"
"Have a good day" She replies.

A little later.
You walk through Solinars western gate with a smil on your face, the sun is visible now, hanging in the sky, and a cool breeze blows through your hair. Birds greet you with Morning songs as you stroll through the western plains.. and then..
You freeze to the spot, you just heard a great beating of wings above you, you look up quickly but you see nothing, but the sound continues.. south.
You look towards the south, you know its dangerous down there, but your legs carry you swiftly, clearly curiosity has taken control now.
Solinar village still burns, marks and ends of arrows protrude from the ground and structures, but there are no hobgoblins, you find this to be odd, as they usually let no one through..

You reach another plain, as you walk across it a great shadow catches your eye.
It reaches closer, Fear has paralysed you now.. you attempt to run but your legs fail.. a small dragon appears as the shadow hits the sunlight.. gold scales is the only detail you pick out..

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