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PostPosted: Mar 27th, '08, 15:38 
Pelgrin was sitting at a table, drinking tea, -finally- done with his paperwork...

Two guards rushed in the Sunrise inn, fear and panic could be heard in their voice and Pelgrin knew something would stop him from drinking his tea.

"Bloody hells, can't a warlord get a moment of peace between 2 piles of Paperwork?!" he thought., But the guards informed him that The Wretched, Iscariot, Son of Lucifer was seen on the dockside...

He then ran over there, not having the time to put his armor on... The guards led him to a group of people, Most of them were known by Pelgrin...

Galiae, the foolish Palemaster lover, or ex lover, it didn't matter to Pelgrin in any cases, was wimpering like a litle girl , some others injured, some other in shock.

"What are your order General!? a guard asked.
-Evacuate the District! In the name of Solinar ! Pelgrin shouted"

He looked at the gathered, and ordered those who had no clues who the hells was Iscariot , to leave immediately, but a Soldier reminded him immediately that they needed all help from adventurers they could gather.

Pelgrin agreed with his soldier and sharply turned toward the two cowering elves that stood next to him and said, with a most autoritary tone:

"Sirs! Are you Ready to die to save innocents?!
-I saw a succubus last time, i had nightmares for days after that.. said a guard, shivering to the memory of such vile creature
-Erm... us, lord swordjust? Said one of the two elves
-Are you ready to face the worse thing you'll EVER see?! said Pelgrin, questioning them with an intimidating tone
-Yes! we'll do what ever we can to help Lord Swordjust! the elves replied weith confidence
-Very well, Help me put my armor on!


More unanswered questions, more hiden information, not shared with me, even if it had something to do with all realms! who is this Gloriand, if ever it's his name? I'm a reincarnation of an holy soul?

It matters not, I will stand by my city and all life. I will not let anything hurt those I love nor disturb me again from my tea break!

We fought undead again today... It felt like the ones brought by the curse, few times ago, the realms and especially Solinar had not the time to recover from the havoc caused by the curse and it's minions....

There is countless heros in the land, but few one as me can trust. Most of them are considered as friends, others as rivals or allies, but I must remember one thing: We are all in the same boat, following different ideals perhaps, but all will die or suffer if we don't fight under the same banner that is Life.

A palemaster was seen today. If those dogs are responsible of what's to come, Justice shall be swift and -Final- in the name of Domorus!

We had a talk with some ghazakiin later that day, and one of them was Shandalan himself, the Arch-mage... He proposed we killed Iscariot as soon as possible, but Anni showed up and told us that this "Gloriand" would be the responsible...

My mind and soul were filled with doubt, on one side, Shandalan, and his experiences, on the other Anni and her feelings... I've felt like following Anni's idea, but i also remembered that Anni had a tendency to accept things that wasn't acceptable, to my opinion at least... But she deserved to be listened to, after all she had done for me...

After Anni's departure, in the most impolite manner i must add, we headed to convince the one called Gloriand to help us slay Iscariot... we were taken there, to his prison, slew the guardians and set him free...

My doubts makes me walk slowly into this, my faith makes me believe in our succes, Domorus shall be my judge at the end of this... if it ever ends.

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